Virtual HR Manager Service

With our Virtual HR Manager service we operate as your HR Manager providing all the HR advice you could ever need and being present at meetings that require HR support whilst not providing a physical daily presence at your premises. We will also draft and provide HR documents.

We will always be there for you in the event of a crisis. You only need pick up the phone and check out what you need to do. It's as easy at that. Working with you in this manner we will get to know about those employees that give you heartache and guide you through due process of how to successfully manage the situation.

As part of this service we will review your employment contract and staff handbook and do a short audit of your existing HR procedures providing a report that may give recommendations for change. A regular face to face meeting is included along with set hours of HR support for you to use as you like eg outsourcing HR administration.

The benefit of this service means you have access to an HR professional without the high overheads and cost of employing someone. A HR Manager salary can range from £30,000 to £50,000 depending on the role and the experience of the person.

Our virtual HR Manager service operates on a fixed fee basis and costs from £500 per month according to the number of staff you employ. Please call for more details.

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