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Last updated: 27/09/17


Retained HR Services

We offer an HR retained service from £45.00 per month for a set number of hours where you can have access to HR advice via telephone/email to advise you on staff problems in clear simple language.

From £65.00 per month you can have access to unlimited HR advice via telephone/email so you and your staff can call us as often as is needed.

The HR retainer service is ideal for you to check out how to proceed with a tricky employee issue and stay within the law.

As part of our HR retainer service we will review your existing employment terms and conditions and employee handbook. We can also undertake a brief HR audit of your HR procedures and documentation.

The benefit of the HR retainer service is that you will always have an HR expert available to speak to about your employee issues and staff problems giving you peace of mind. You will gain from the HR support that larger companies benefit from but without the cost of employing an in house HR Manager.

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