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Redundancy Management - Call 07762 771290

SJ Beale HR Consult offers a comprehensive redundancy support service to help manage any size redundancy programme within the legal framework. We help you reduce unfair dismissal claims and avoid costly employment tribunal compensation.

We help keep your business safe from making mistakes with proposed redundancies, which includes advice on the required redundancy legal guidelines, redundancy consultations, representation, timescales and dismissals whether you need end to end support or just ad hoc advice.

We also give advice on the required documentation to ensure you get the redundancy process right which includes redundancy scripts, redundancy policy and necessary letters. The size of your redundancy programme is no object as we can provide a single consultant or project manager and team.

Do It Yourself Redundancy

To allow you to manage a redundancy process yourself our low cost documentation package ensures you are legally compliant to avoid costly employment tribunal compensation:

A 14 page detailed guide on how to identify, plan and implement redundancies following statutory guidelines. Contents List - Managing Redundancy Package

Essential documentation including policy, scripts, skills matrix, standard letters, redundancy calculator

Up to one hour telephone/email advice to answer specific questions

SJ Beale HR Consult can help with the following on a consultancy basis:

Redundancy policy and procedure
Support with redundancy consultations and provision of redundancy scripts
Employee representatives recruitment and training or liaison with unions
Advice on minimising employee losses and voluntary redundancy
Provision of redundancy skills matrix and advice on redundancy selection
Support with dismissals
Provision of outplacement and counselling
Managing "survivor syndrome"

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For Redundancy Support call 07762 771290 or email

SJ Beale HR Consult Ltd, 35 Underbank Lane, Moulton, Northampton, NN3 7HH.

Tel: 07762 771290



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