Job Evaluation

Job evaluation offers a strong defence to equal pay claims and can support an organisation's pay and grading structure to deliver fairness, equity and transparency. Job evaluation is also ideal to harmonise terms and conditions and when salaries are falling out of kilter with each other. Job evaluation is concerned with job relativity in terms of size and duties of different jobs comparing and measuring different aspects such as knowledge and skills to establish a hierarchy that can be linked to pay supported by external pay data in order to improve competitiveness.

We use the NJC job evaluation scheme which is an analytical points factor scheme well known and respected particularly in unionised public sector organisations. Alternatively we can work with you to develop a bespoke system or implement job ranking or paired comparisons which is a simpler process. We can provide a flexible job evaluation service according to your requirements whether you wish to outsource a job evaluation project or receive support and training to undertake evaluations in-house.

Our pick and mix service includes:

Job analysis and/or complete evaluation with an experienced job evaluation consultant

Provision of job evaluation scheme paperwork

Support with scheme implementation

Job analyst training for managers

Recruitment of job analysts

Job evaluation panel training

Ongoing consultancy support

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