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Last updated: 12/12/22

Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a document that communicates a company's mission, core values, policies and expectations to employees. An employee's rights and responsibilities are outlined in this document. The policies in our employee handbook include grievance, disciplinary, sickness absence, equal opportunities, leave arrangements, IT use, mobile phone use. This legally compliant up to date document can be issued to your staff to form part of their employment terms and conditions. It does not replace a contract however. On purchase the document will be sent by email.

Employee Handbook Cost: £350



HR policies

We offer a range of HR policies to suit all employment situations.

HR Policies - £95 each

For more information please call 07762 771290.

swine flu alcohol & substance misuse
bullying & harassment data protection
capability discipline
disaster recovery driver safety
email & internet use equal ops/diversity
family friendly flexible working
IT security grievance
maternity mobile phone use
notice paternity
recruitment redundancy
sickness absence special leave
time off for dependents time off for hospitals/doctors
working time confidentiality

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