Grievance support

The ACAS code of practice lays out how employers should manage grievances that may occur from time to time. Employers should have a due process in house that informs employees how their grievance will be managed. The process should be detailed in a grievance policy contained within the staff handbook.

Grievances should be managed informally first then if the issue can not be resolved should submit a formal written grievance. The employer must then formally manage the process with documented meetings including an appeal. You need to have the correct paperwork in place to ensure there is a paper trail should the matter go to an employment tribunal. You need to show that you have managed the process fairly. Mediation should be actively considered at all stages. It can be a useful procedure to help resolve employee differences.

If you have received a grievance and are unsure how to proceed then we can guide you and ensure the matter is successfully dealt with in accordance with employment law

We can be the HR representative at a grievance hearing to take notes and ensure the documentation is in order. Alternatively we can chair a disciplinary hearing or an appeal hearing.

For more details give us a call.

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