Employment Tribunal Representation for Employers

We have a high success rate in representing clients with tribunal cases across the UK.

An employer is at risk if an employee considers that they have been treated and and can easily lodge a claim. Since employment tribunal fees were abolished in March 2018 the number of claims are once again increasing. The latest employment tribunal statistics show most of the claims related to unpaid wages and holiday pay.

An employment tribunal can be costly and very stressful. An employer can be at risk of higher costs if it can be shown they acted vindictively against an employee. It is, therefore, important to be effectively represented at an employment tribunal due to the risk of costly compensation. The employment tribunal process is also a very lengthy time consuming process - it can take many months. If you don't have the expertise in your business you may need to consider outsourcing the work to a specialist who understands the employment tribunal system and can get you through the maze of bureaucracy and paperwork.

You can outsource your employment tribunal matter to us and rest assured it will be in capable hands.

We can provide employment tribunal case management and act as your employment tribunal representative for part or all of a case. We can assist with ensuring you have the correct paperwork, deal with ACAS and third parties, undertake settlement negotiations on your behalf, represent at a pre hearing review, case management discussion, an employment tribunal hearing or employment appeals tribunal hearing.

We offer a free complimentary no obligation consultation to discuss your employment tribunal matter.

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