Employment Law Helpline

We offer two levels of service for our employment law helpline.

With the retained employment law helpline for a fixed monthly fee starting from £125 per month you will receive unlimited access to employment law advice. You can contact us as often as you like about staff issues and problems. This service is useful as we can coach you through what you may consider to be a difficult matter to handle giving you step by step advice. You will receive all the guidance you need to ensure you deal with the matter in accordance with employment law and avoid costly employment tribunal compensation.

With the occasional employment law helpline you call us when you have an urgent staff problem. Each call costs £50 for maximum twenty minutes. Many of our clients find one call can give them the confidence to proceed with a difficult employee matter.

The benefit of these services are that you will always have an HR expert available to speak to about your employee issues and staff problems giving you peace of mind. You will gain from external HR support yet at the fraction of a cost of employing in house HR staff. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a fast responsive service that is professionally accredited.

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For more details or a quote call 07762 771290.

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