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Last updated: 12/12/22

Employment Contracts

We offer a range of employment contract templates. These value for money, legally formatted, customisable templates can be used repeatedly for all types and levels of employees and workers. Stay legal and protect your business with the correct employment documentation. An inclusive after sales service is provided to advise you on tailoring and using our documents.


Employment Contract - £275.00  

This is ideal for permanent and fixed term workers whether full or part time and contains all the basic clauses you need for the employment relationship; term, job title and duties, place of work, hours of work, pay, probation period, holiday entitlement, pension, sickness absence, confidentiality, intellectual property, termination, disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures, equal ops, health and safety, collective agreements. We can add additional clauses, as appropriate, eg restrictive covenant.

You should provide employment terms and conditions from day one of employment from 6 April 2020. This includes all employees and workers.

Call 07762 771290 for more details.



Zero Hours Contract - £150.00

Ideal for use with casual staff and sessional workers demonstrating a mutual no obligation relationship. Ideal for bar and waiting staff, seasonal workers, bank staff, etc. Call 07762 771290 for more details.


Freelance/Consultants/Sub-contractor/Associates Contract - £200.00

Ideal for use with freelancers, sub-contractors, consultants or associates. This document is IR35 compliant. Clauses cover terms and nature of the contract, substitution, non-solicitation, intellectual property, confidential information, tax and national insurance responsibilities, freedom and flexibility, invoicing agreements, etc. Call 07762 771290 for more details.

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