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Last updated: 12/12/22

Employee Disciplinary Matters

Employee disciplinary matters can often be challenging when misconduct or poor performance are an issue. Whilst you should always start with an informal discussion at some point you may need to follow a formal disciplinary process if things do not improve or a serious situation is occurring. There are strict legal procedures to be aware of that need to be followed to prevent a costly employment tribunal claim. Empoyers often find disciplinary situations overwhelming and feel guidance is needed on how to proceed. That is where we can help.

We have extensive experience of managing disciplinary situations and will ensure you are compliant with the law and follow a fair procedure. It can be difficult to take disciplinary action but we will coach you through the process and be with you every step of the way should you need close support.

We can be the HR representative at a hearing or appeal to take notes and ensure the paperwork is in order or alternatively take control and undertake an investigation on your behalf, chair a hearing or appeal and ensure the essential paper trail is in place.

Whether you are considering starting a disciplinary process or even if you have already commenced a discipinary process and are worried you have not done things by the book we can assist.

You may have to consider suspension if gross misconduct is suspected and ultimately require the employee is terminated via summary dismissal. With misconduct there may be various sanctions that can be imposed such as a warning or demotion. Regardless the employee should always be offered the right to appeal against the chosen disciplinary sanction. Even certain situations with employees in probation may need to be handled carefully to avoid an automatic unfair dismissal claim if it is alleged that you have discriminated the employee early on in their employment.

If you need assistance with a disciplinary situation please call 07762 771290 for advice.

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