What To Do With An Employee Who Has Gone AWOL

The recent media interest in Conservative MP Nadine Dorries who has apparently gone to the Australian jungle to feature in “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” without apparently obtaining parliamentary permission has brought to light the matter of what to do with an employee who has gone AWOL.

Failing to turn up to work can be deemed to be gross misconduct and following the disciplinary procedure is essential whether the employee eventually comes back to work or repeatedly fails to turn up at all.

If the employee has turned up for work an initial conversation or return to work interview will provide investigatory evidence from which should follow a disciplinary meeting to formally give the employee a chance to respond to the allegation of being absent without leave.  Without a plausible excuse a suitable warning should be delivered with the right to appeal. 

If the employee has not turned up work attempts should be made to get in touch with them to find out the reason for their absence.  Any letters should be delivered by recorded delivery. 

Now Ms Dorries has been evicted from the camp we must wait and see what treatment the government doles out to her.